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Standard QR CODE

  • Standard QR CODE

Standard QR CODE

The standard ARTcertificate QR Code is to be attached to the back of the artwork.

It comprises :
- a certificate of authenticity number.
- a unique ARTcertificate QR Code.
- a record on the database.
- your logo (only gallerist)

The QR Code is an international standard that helps to access information more easily. Free reading apps on your smartphone allow you to flash a QR code for instant access to the certificate of authenticity of the work registered on ARTcertificate. This QR Code system offers transparency for buyers. It is not the artist who follows the work of art, but the buyer who can interrogate the system in order to know the origin of a work.

ARTcertificate does not collect information about buyers, transactions, prices, or owners.

To certify a work, we use a set of three seals:
- The first, the silver seal, is affixed to the back of the work.
- The second, the golden seal, is stuck to the certificate of authenticity and returns to the purchaser.
- The third, the blue seal, is kept by the author for archiving.

The size of the QR Code seal is free and is printed.

Check the QR code of a Artwork

This service is provided FREE OF CHARGE for any purchase of a certificate of authenticity, it is sufficient to print the seals, preferably on special paper and paste them on the work as indicated on the notice Accompaniment.